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925 111th St Arlington TX 76011
925 111th St Arlington TX 76011
Showroom Floor
Concept Boards
Vice President's Office
Bar Area
36,000 Sq. Ft Warehouse

Established in 1995

At Puccini Natural Stone, we pride ourselves in staying on the cutting edge of innovative designs for natural stone, glass and metal products. In an ever changing market this strength allows our customers to be ahead of the curve when new trends come along.

Our designs and concepts can transform the smallest or the largest showroom into a ''must see''. Our highly trained sales staff can assist you in capturing your ''Corner'' of the market and hold on to it.

Partnerships with some of the best manufacturing companies around the world allow us to be competitive on any project from high-rise hotels to Mrs. Jones' kitchen. Our product line is ever evolving to serve the high-end design industry. The beauty of this is that it makes it possible for profit at any level you buy.

We are growing and expanding every facet of our business. That growth is your gain. Thank you for choosing DuraTile Corp. We are looking forward to a long, profitable relationship. Express Yourself!

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